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The Inevitables "Self Titled"

"Self Titled" CD / 12" LP / CS
© Sexy Baby Records
Catalog #: SBR-1041
Release Date: 05/14/2021

Is it a supergroup? Or is that the sound of 2-Tone ska being piped into the halls of the Justice League Of America? Actually, it’s both. Former Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Fiorello and Westbound Train frontman Obi Fernandez have created the Inevitables, a multimedia project encompassing both comics and some fine ska music. Today Alternative Press is premiering the lyric video for their song “Ft. Lauderdale” so you may get a taste of both the full-length and the single-issue comic book.

Fiorello and Fernandez have put together some great talents on both platforms. The aggregate on the music side also includes Matt Appleton (Reel Big Fish), Billy Kottage (the Interrupters), John DeDomenici (Jeff Rosenstock, Bomb The Music Industry!), Alex Stern and Jon Degen (Big D And The Kids Table) and Sean-Paul Pillsworth (Nightmares For A Week).

Giving the assist on the comics side are scriptwriter Jono Diener (The Swellers, Baggage, No Trigger), artists Devin Watson and Liana Kangas (TKO, Vault, 2000 AD, Black Mask, Image), layout artist Fabian Lelay (We Are The Danger, Jade Street Protection Services) and letterer Cardinal Rae (Marvel, Image, ComiXology). It’s an ambitious work between the two platforms. By the looks and sounds of the video, it comes off as positively killer. And it doesn’t stop there: The band are looking to play live dates to create this universe onstage.

1. It's Inevitable 00:30
2. The Weight of the Worry 02:52
3. Barely Kids 03:09
4. Fort Lauderdale 03:06
5. American Me 00:33
6. More Tomorrow 02:38
7. Mr. Bored to Death 02:46
8. Blessings from the Bodega 00:39

9. The Age of Anxiety 03:19
10. Heartstop 03:14
11. Did You Hear 00:56
12. My Father 03:16
13. The Last of the Bell Ringers 02:22
14. Why Are We Always Angry 00:52

Illustration by Devin Watson
Layout by Mike Weinberg
Mixed by Sean-Paul Pilsworth


300pcs. - 12" Vinyl
100pcs.  -  Florescent Pink Transparent Cassette 


643157449935 Cassette