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When the Vinyl Pressing Industry hit a wall this past Summer 2021 due to COVID-19, which resulted in manufacturing delays and labor shortages, we felt really bad with our arms tied behind our back and asked ourselves what we could do to make it easier for those who had pre-order an album. Usually in the vinyl pressing world, it takes 4 months to turn a vinyl project from start to finish. However in Summer 2021, it went from 4 months to 6 months to 8-9 months to 12 months to "we're not taking any new orders until April 2022" from the manufacturers. Huntingtons "Get Lost" LP/CS was a project we started in January 2021 that took nearly 10 1/2 months to complete from start to finish due to COVID-19.

As we learned from those experiences we accoutered in 2021 with "pre-orders" we didn't want to make the same mistakes moving forward. With that, we wanted to give back to you guys who have supported us by Pre-Ordering HUNTINGTONS "Get Lost" LP/CS.

HUNTINGTONS "Plastic Surgery" LP/CS Pre-Order goes live on Friday November 26th 2021 for those who Pre-Ordered "Get Lost" prior to Saturday November 13th.

You will receive access to this Pre-Order by logging into your email address that was used for purchasing Huntingtons "Get Lost" so please check your spam folders if necessary or hit forget password!

The street release date for HUNTINGTONS "Plastic Surgery" is February 4th 2022 however if you pre-order now, we will begin to ship these the 2nd week of January to ensure you receive your copy before the street release date.

Again, you must be logged in with the email address you previously used for Huntingtons "Get Lost" at to be able to gain access to this "Plastic Surgery" Pre-Order.


If you did NOT Pre-Order "Get Lost" or purchased it after November 13th, HUNTINGTONS "Plastic Surgery" Pre-Order will become available to public on Friday December 3rd 2021.