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DeeCracks ‎"Sonic Delusions"

"Sonic Delusions" 12" LP / CD
© Pirates Press Records
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We are proud to have DEECRACKS as members of the Pirates Press Records family. This three-piece has been around for over 15 years, DIY booked just under 1,000 shows across four continents (and counting!), and self-released records all over the world. With some serious love and attitude, they are a brilliant band giving it their all and make for an amazing part of the Pirate sound system.

DEECRACKS are well-known for their fantastic videos, in addition to their non-stop, relentless touring all over the world! These guys don’t let up and they’re not slowing down any time soon. If you have the opportunity to check out one of their gigs - and with their touring schedule, you will - do it for your own sake!

On SONIC DELUSIONS, the band debuts 15 brand new tracks (none over three minutes), just the way this type of music should be! Fast, fun, clever, catchy and true to form. Sonic Delusions is a perfect introduction for some and the next great fix for DEECRACKS’ unbelievably loyal fan base all over the world.

This release contains a digital download.

Side A:
1. Standing On My Head
2. Step 4
3. Mentalane
4. All Along
5. Left Out Of Mind
6. Shambles
7 Montreal Nights
8. Mexican Standoff

Side B:
9. It’s Been A While
10. Watch Out!
11. On Your Own
12. Substitute
13. Holiday Season
14. Valentine
15. Turn Away


First Pressing (Blue Border Jacket)
100pcs. - 12" White Vinyl (Dumb Records version)
400pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
500pcs. - 12" Cyan, White, & Yellow w/ Black Splatter Tri-Color Vinyl

Second Pressing (Red Border Jacket)
200pcs. - 12" Piss Yellow & Blood Red “Butterfly” with Black and Orange Splatter
350pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl