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Adam Widener "Make Out" 7"

"Make Out" 7" 
© 2012 Fuzz City Records
Catalog #: SBR-1008

Adam Widener comes back strong with a brand new 7″ called Make Out on Fuzz City Records. If you dug his Cola Kids Hanging Out in the Bubble Dome single then you’re in luck as this is nearly a continuation of those songs.

Widener clearly has a knack for writing pop songs and now it’s painfully obvious (as if being in bands like Bare Wires and the Zygoteens wasn’t enough to prove that). Make Out starts with a bang on “Groovy Intuitions” which is followed by four other tracks that are just as upbeat and innocent. Self-titled track “Make Out” boasts concentrated pop guitars with a gritty jangle and a short-but-sweet song structure that is undeniably catchy and straightforward. “Make Believe Emergencies” offers a similar pattern, not to mention the sharp and snaky guitars that lead the track with authority. When it’s all said and done, I don’t think there’s any doubt that this guy knows exactly what he’s doing – as far as his last two singles go, it clearly sounds like things are now starting to fall into place.

Track Listing:
1.) Groovy Intuitions
2.) Make Out
3.) Enemy Dreams
4.) Slime Walker
5.) Make Believe Emergencies