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Adam Widener "Cola Kids Hanging Out in the Bubble Dome" 7"

"Cola Kids Hanging Out in the Bubble Dome" 7" 
© Big Action Records
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ADAM WIDENER has had a hand in many bands like Plexi 3, the Zygoteens and most recently Bare Wires, but now he’s gone on his own path with his own brand new 7″ on Big Action Records.

After listening to his debut solo single “Cola Kids Hanging Out in the Bubble Dome”, it’s not much of a surprise that Widener could fit into a band like Bare Wires or even the Zygoteens. There’s a bit less lo-fi grit crowding these new songs than any of the past material from the Zygoteens, but it seems to be working in his favor. Widener takes on a fresh and energetic form of rock and roll with a pulsing punk edge, which definitely helps speak for his roots since he’s originally from Wisconsin. These short and sweet songs combine addicting and crystal-clear guitar hooks with swift drumming and Widener’s nasally voice, not to mention his obvious pop sensibilities that help makes these songs stick like glue.

Currently, however, Widener resides in Los Angeles, which is where this gem of a 7″ was recorded – specifically in an LA motel room to be a bit more exact. Motel room or not, this is still some quality material that is good for it’s easy listening qualities and no-bullshit, straight-to-the-point approach. After listening, we’d have to think you feel the same way. Check out this batch of songs from the 7″ below, which is a majority of the single.

Track Listing:
1.) Crime in the City
2.) Lowest Common Denominator Rock
3.) Cola Kids Hanging Out in the Bubble Dome
4.) CMYK