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MODERN DAY RIPPERS "C.T.A. (Chicago Transit Authority)"
"Rip It Up In A Modern Way" on Sexy Baby Records.


Yeah yeah yeah. We'll listen to your demo but there's no guarantee we'll like you unless you buy us lots of beer and Germ prefers Whiskey.
We run a very, VERY, very small operation here at Sexy Baby Records and we run it like a family. Honestly the best way to make things work is hook up one of our bands and become buddy-buddy with them. Don't let that discourage you though. We like hard copies of bad ass butt rock metal and tons of shitty disco your mom is throwing out. Actually no we don't so don't send us that crap. Send us a record or CD coaster with all of the art. You can keep the jewel case to save on shipping. Tell us something cool about your band, where you've been and what you've done. Also, include your contact info. You won't hear from us unless there is contact info included but this should be common sense, right!?

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DISCLAIMER: We take unlimited amounts of Old Style beer (please no PBR, fucking hipsters ruin that bullshit), Schlitz and Jack Daniels.